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Top Performer Award by Contractor ConnectionWe are honored to have been recognized as a 2021 Top Performer by the Contractor Connection. This award is based on overall excellence measured through a combination of performance standards including customer satisfaction, communication with customers, time efficiency, and high quality work. 

We are extremely excited to be recognized by Contractor Connection, a third party vendor program that most major insurance carriers use to manage their vendors. Companies are held to a very high standard to work in conjunction with Contractor Connection, and performance is constantly being analyzed and measured using a Performance Objective Monitoring System (POMS). This POMS score is reflective of performance and communication efficiency, accuracy of estimates, and timeliness of job completion. This is a national program that represents almost every major insurance carrier. 

Receiving this award is a direct reflection of Meridian's dedication to being a professional and successful restoration business. We will continue to work towards exceeding the goals of what it takes to be a stand out business. Meridian Restoration is looking forward to working diligently towards receiving Contractor Connection’s Top Performer Award again next year.