“True professionals who have an incredibly strong work ethic, and the talent and ability to get difficult jobs done, and done very well. Meridian is the comprehensive company you want to show up at your home when any disaster has happened. Everything about your home, safety, and getting back to the way things were before the disaster is a priority for your project manager. 

Their communication with you, the homeowner is clear, timely, and always open. Our project manager, Joey, has kept us informed and answered all our questions every step of the way. We’ve been put in touch with all the right people at all the right times (from plumbers, to tile people, to suppliers and painters and even movers). All costs are clearly spelled out, and every effort has been made to ensure that time is treated as valuable to all of us. 

The Meridian Restoration Companies group works like a well-organized team to make sure that every one of our “disaster-project” needs have been met in a logical way. 

When we woke up during a holiday week and found our disaster had tried to destroy our house, we were lucky to find the Meridian Group. They’re managing to take this wreck and make it a home again. And Somehow, they’re doing it as painlessly as possible.

And here, I do want to add something that doesn’t seem as unusual as I thought it was: we had what I have been calling a “big water disaster” in our home. You’d think fire or big trees falling on the house are bad. It turns out that water is really destructive too. And we all want to believe we can be strong and our best selves in bad times.

It turns out, my family and I actually liked being comfortable. We liked having conveniences like a clean home, a place to bathe, and home cooked meals. When the water disaster happened, a lot of that was shaken. And there’s a lot about mitigation and restoration that having Meridian’s excellent and patient guidance has been absolutely needed and welcomed. There’s an integrity and high level of honesty that seems to be a Meridian standard that we can’t say enough about. We never had an overly fancy house, but your crews have always treated it like our home, and as a place where we can be comfortable and happy again.”


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