“We had a major water leak from our AC unit in our attic. It was a mess! At first, I did not know what to do other than get some pots, buckets and anything I could find to catch the water with. After a couple hours, my son’s bedroom ceiling fell in with water pouring out. Your mitigation clean-up crew came out as soon as possible. Everything moved quickly in getting the water damage cleaned up.  The mitigation crew was very professional and thorough in doing their job. They were very kind & understanding of our situation. 

After their job was done, our project manager let us know what would happen next and he could answer any questions we had. I cannot say enough good things about him. Anytime I had questions or concerns, he was easy to contact and readily available. All contractors were very efficient, on time, and thorough in completing each job. Also, he was able to re-negotiate our claims amount for things, that were overlooked by our claims adjuster in getting all that was necessary replaced and restored.

I know one’s job can consist of many expected duties and knowledge, but no employer or company can make an employee care or have a good heart.  Please know, that you have many good employees. Not only did your company help to restore our home, you all helped to restore our life! May God bless you all!!

– Joy and Patrick C.


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