In the United States, hazardous materials pose significant risks to health and safety, pervading our daily lives. Construction materials, for instance, may harbor hazardous substances like asbestos and lead, which can have severe health implications. Meridian is an EPA-licensed entity specializing in regulated abatement services for these materials, along with comprehensive inspections for mold contamination and effective mold abatement solutions. Our team comprises trained and certified professionals equipped to handle diverse environmental cleanup tasks, including chemical spills, biohazard waste, trauma scenes, and residual residue from meth-labs.

With Meridian, you can trust in our expertise and commitment to safeguarding environments from harmful substances.

Asbestos and Lead Remediation

A microscopic view of asbestos.

Meridian performs inspections for Asbestos and Lead contamination. We also provide remediation and abatement of materials contaminated by Asbestos and Lead. Hazardous materials that affect health and safety in the United States are becoming increasingly part of our everyday lives. Building materials used in construction can contain mixtures of asbestos and lead. These can be deadly or detrimental to our health and are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Biohazard Remediation

A biohazard symbol with police tape running across it.

Meridian performs inspections and removal for biological hazard, or biohazard contamination and abatement of biohazard-contaminated materials. Our biohazard remediation services make your environment safer, and can take away the stress of a contaminated property. Biologically Hazardous substances (Biohazards) pose a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily that of humans. Bacteria and viruses can be transported through sewage, body fluids and medical waste.

Meth Lab Cleanup

An image of a man dressed in full lab gear carrying meth lab contaminants.

Meridian Restoration & Reconstruction boasts trained and certified personnel capable of thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior of structures that may have once been hom to illegal or dangerous laboratories. Our expertise extends to removing chemical spills, waste, and residual contaminants left behind by methamphetamine laboratories (meth lab), following the initial gross chemical removal conducted by law enforcement or the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Mold Remediation

An image of a large amount of black mold behind a wall.

Meridian performs inspections for mold contamination and abatement of mold-contaminated materials. Although not regulated by the EPA; mold, for many individuals, is a toxic, irritating substance and should be handled with proper engineering controls. Our mold remediation services have the capacity to remove mold from your environment and make life a whole lot safer. Hazardous materials that affect health and safety in the United States are becoming increasingly part of our everyday lives.

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